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Reply to "Mobil 1 0w-40"

Big Grin

I did not read your supplied link but think it's funny that a few of that oils critics cannot even tell exactly where the nickel comes from based on remarks made in the past denouncing it's ability to protect valve train .

I think it's a well built engine oil and with that comes the meeting of many certifications . I also beleive many use it out of application and simply don't need the VI .

Thinning . If the oil starts at 13.8 for example , thins to 12.5 @ 7500 miles then thickens back up to starting point at 15k it has remained in grade throughout the interval , correct ? It has also given better fuel economy over that period than for example an 11.5 cSt synthetic oil that thickens to a upper 40wt or lower 50wt ,correct ?

During that period the Mobil oil still pumped better than the example oil because it did not suffer oxidative thickening and harming the performance of the oil at or below the 40c mark during cold weather and the warm up phase which is something the ACEA has become increasingly aware of .

Thinning and use of polymers : I believe you said on this forum that you used the green Castrol and the engine was sluggish . Most that have a keen feel for their engines can tell the difference when that oil is used in a motor of smaller displacement . No polymers in that one , correct ? Oil makers use polymers to their advantage . Sometimes oils without polymers can be felt by the owner during the warm-up phase dependant ot not on lifter design . You might have been one of them Smile

In my view only people thinking of perfect worlds believe that synthetic oils for daily drivers that see's all types of operation should be made without VII's .

Maxima makes a ultra premium 10w-40 bike oil that is only 12.5 cSt @ 100c . They use some of the best VII's available in the formula for better overall performance . I think Maxima builds an oil based on their concept of what makes a good oil . I believe the same when it comes to Mobil and their 0w-40 .

Wear protection , the 0w-40 has it and the better engines show it through analysis .