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Reply to "New Car Warranty using Amsoil..."

Originally posted by Trajan:
As seen in this thread from our resident troll. who hasn't popped in yet:

I just love this line: "You do have the right to use any oil you choose, and if that oil is not what Ford specifies for warranty purposes, Ford has the legal right to give you the middle finger, which is exactly what they are doing"

The guy A: The wrong oil. B: Ignored the OCI.

And dnewton3's posts are very informative as well.

Interesting thread. No proof it ever happened. If it did, he did a lot of things wrong:

1. It seems he didn't get a letter from Ford Motor Company stating why his engine or the oil failed and that his warranty claim is denied.
2. He refused to name the oil he used.
3. He never got an analysis to prove coolant was in the oil.
4. He never contacted the oil company for assistance.
5. He likely used a wrong oil. And he did not follow the oil company's warranty requirements.
6. No oil company recommends an extended oil change interval for his truck due to known fuel dilution problems with this engine design.
7. He never got a UOA when he met Ford's recommended oil change interval.
Ford and AMSOIL list these oil recommendations for his truck:
2008 FORD TRUCKS F450 PICKUP 6.4L 8-cyl Engine Code [R] Turbo Diesel
AMSOIL published Technical Service Bulletin MO-2009-10-01
"identifying" high fuel dilution in 2007-2010 light duty
diesel pickups (Dodge 6.7L, Ford 6.4L, and GM/GMC 6.6L LMM)
equipped with diesel particulate filters. Amsoil has revised
the drain interval recommendation for these specific
applications to the longest manufacturer-recommended
interval. Oil drain intervals can be extended further with
oil analysis.
Engine Oil
Grade 1......CJ-4
Synthetic 5W-40 Premium Diesel Oil (DEOQT)
Synthetic 15W-40 Diesel Oil (DMEQT)
32 to 122F......10W-30
Above -4F......5W-40
Above 68F......15W-40
Below 122F......0W-40, 0W-30
If the cause was a coolant leak then Ford would pay. If the cause was the oil failed, he did not follow the warranty instructions of the oil, so his oil warranty would be denied.