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Reply to "New Car Warranty using Amsoil..."

Originally posted by Trajan:
Warrantys protect the owner from mfg faults. They also protect the mfg from owner stupidity.

It isn't the owner's fault if he follows the mfg dictates on oil type, viscosity, and oci, and his engine gives him the finger

It isn't the mfg's fault if the owner does as our turbo diesel owner does and the engine gives him the finger.

If you think the warranty is meaningless, that what the mfg has no clue as to what is best for the motor, go buy a new Mustang and put in SA oil. Or swill lube.

And see who has the last laugh.

If the vehicle manufacturer proves the SA oil or swill lube failed or even an "approved" or "Certified oil failed even under "recommended" oil change intervals, then it falls back to the owner or the manufacturer of the oil. If they don't fail, then it goes back to the vehicle manufacturer to cover manufacturer defects if it is under warranty.