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Reply to "New Car Warranty using Amsoil..."

Tim, I talked with my Amsoil rep last nite and it seems doing extended drains is not the easiest thing to do without some work and money by the guy doing the extended drains with Amsoil. He told me if your car is under warranty and the owners manual calls for a 5000 mile OCI and you want to run Amsoil for one year and lets pick 25,000 miles, you better be getting a UOA done every 5000 miles. He also said that each UOA at 5000 miles better look as good as Blackstones Universal Averages for a 5000 mile OCI. He said most of his customers are lucky to get about 13,000 miles out of the Amsoil motor oil while they are under warranty becuase of the driving they do.

Lets say I do not want to do these UOA's and I have a problem at 19,000 miles, some lubricated part in the engine goes bad, I call Amsoil up, they want me to send in a sample of the oil, they contact me after doing an Oil Analysis and say sorry we cannot help you because your TBN was 0.0 they go onto say that you should have been doing UOA's every 5000 miles and you fall under severe service and this oil should have been changed sooner. If Amsoil comes out to investigate and they find anything that is not right, they will say sorry, if you refuse to cooperate, then they will not honor the warranty.

So, I am using a 25,000 mile or one year oil and I have to get under the car every 5000 miles to pull an oil sample, heck if I am under the car taking a sample I might as well change the oil. You better believe even if you do get UOA's done and you have a problem, Amsoil will look for anything that will get them out of paying up. Suppose Amsoil does pay up becuase it is there motor oil's fault, they could turn around and say look we are not going to warranty our oil for one year, use the XL Line instead, I do not think Amsoil is going to take the chance of having to replace another engine or get it fixed, they may do this once or twice, but not three times.

Then we need to look at the true cost of running Amsoil for one year versus using Pennzoil YB at 5000 mile OCI's, and we can throw in Pennzoil Platinum too.

The 2010 Mustang GT takes 6 quarts of oil, but we will need to purchase 2 more quarts of oil for makeup oil and whatever we loose doing a UOA.

8 quarts of Amsoil 0W-30 equals $62.96
1 Oil Filter equals $12.97
PC Fee for a year equals $20.00
Shipping equals $9.85

We are up to $105.78, and yes you need those 2 extra quarts or at least one quart because if you add any other brand of motor oil to the Amsoil motor oil and a problem arises the warranty will be void.

We need to do a UOA every 5000 miles, so 5 UOA's in 25,000 miles.

Blackstone UOA is about $22.50 and add $10.00 for a TBN Test
So $32.50 times 5 UOA's equals $162.50 and add that to the $105.78 and you get $268.28

We need 6 quarts of either PYB or PP, so times 5 oil changes that is 30 quarts of oil, we are going to buy 6 five quart jugs of PP or PYB and on each OCI we will use a 5 quart jug and pour another quart out of the other 5 quart jug.

Pennzoil Platinum is $21.73 a jug with tax, times 6 five quart jugs equals $130.38
PYB is $13.25 a jug with tax, times 6 five quart jugs equals $79.50

We also need 5 Motorcraft Oil Filters, so $3.67 times 5 equals $18.35

Pennzoil Platinum with the oil filters comes to $148.73
PYB with the oil filters comes to $97.85
Amsoil motor oil with an oil filter and the other hidden costs comes to $105.78, take a quart off if you don't want to buy 2 quarts and you are at $97.91

If you want to skimp on those UOA's, guess what, you are up the creek with Amsoil, you need documentation to prove your case with Amsoil.