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Reply to "New Car Warranty using Amsoil..."

Originally posted by Tim Vipond:
Originally posted by Big Bear:

Let's say it was a lubrication failure, like a rod or some other lubricated part that goes bad, your telling me that if Ford denies my warranty because I did extended drains with Amsoil, so Amsoil is going to jump in and take care of this in a few days, that sounds really optimistic, I just might have to go and let my Amsoil Rep read this thread and see what he thinks.
It depends why the lubricated part went bad. If the lubricated part goes bad, because of a manufacturing defect, Ford pays. If the lubricant failed, then AMSOIL pays. It shouldn't take more than a few days to determine the cause of the failure. You might consider calling AMSOIL technical to verify.

I went ahead and called up the Amsoil Tech Line this morning and I got some different information than what you stated above.

The Tech Guy told me that if the Lubricant failed, Amsoil will investigate as to why the lubricated part failed. I asked him how long this process could take, he said it could take a couple of months, I then said is there a possibility this could drag out longer, like 6 months to a year, and he said YES.

So, In this scenario, I can have Ford saying my part went bad becuase of my extended OCI, and then Amsoil will be saying it was not the lubricants fault, but a problem with the part that failed, if Amsoil and Ford are going back and forth this could easily drag on for more than a year. So my car that I am making payments on is just sitting, and I am supposed to drive a rental car around until this is taken care of, who is going to pay for the rental car, me, so I pickup a cheap rental for $16.00 a day, that comes out to $480.00 a month.

Lets say it takes 6 months to clear everything up, $480.00 a month times 6 equals $2880.00

So when Amsoil and Ford are battling this out, who is the loser, its me, since I have to wait many months or longer, and if a rental car is too expensive since I realize I could be spending thousands of dollars on a rental car while I am still making my car payments, I may decide that I have to go out and buy a used car, and you can bet with my experience with extended drains that I will not be doing them on the used car I purchased while I wait for this whole thing to play out.

You are right in that you do not have to do a UOA every 5000 miles, but the Amsoil Tech Guy said this would be good if a problem arises, my Amsoil rep gave me good advice about doing a UOA every 5000 miles since he is looking after my best interests.

The Amsoil Tech Guy said if you are really worried about a problem arising when you are still under warranty with the manufacture that it would be best to use the Amsoil XL Line of Oil's.

He also told me if you read something strange on some internet forum that some Amsoil Salesman posted and you have doubts, just call us on the Tech Line.

Tim tells us this whole process could only take a few days, and the Amsoil Tech Guy tells me it can take a couple of months or more, I think he was being conservative in his estimate of how long the process would take to get resolved, playing " Devil's Advocate" this process could take 2 to 3 years to get resolved.

This whole Extended Warranty Thing is getting real complicated and it seems an Amsoil Dealer and the Amsoil Tech Guy are not on the same page as to how long it will take for a warranty issue to get resolved, the Ford dealer probably has good lawyers and can drag there feet for a long time, since that is the case I will just stick with what the manufacture says and do 5000 mile OCI's with whatever oil I choose too use.

Tim, you better not come back with, " Well the Amsoil Tech Guy was Wrong", becuase anyone with half a brain will not buy that statement.