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Reply to "New Car Warranty using Amsoil..."

Originally posted by Big Bear:
Only if an oil is determined to be the direct cause of an engine problem can a manufacturer or dealership deny warranty coverage for that specific problem. In this situation the AMSOIL warranty would apply, and the AMSOIL Technical Services Department would assist you in processing your claim and getting your vehicle repaired. That's AMSOIL's pledge to you. AMSOIL Inc. sells millions of gallons of oil per year and warranty claims are a rare occurrence. If you ever have a warranty problem with an automobile manufacturer (or snowmobile, boat, RV, motorcycle, etc...) or dealership, AMSOIL will assist you by analyzing the problem and providing data supporting the fact that repairs should be made under the vehicle manufacturer's warranty. If this does not resolve the problem. AMSOIL will submit a claim with their insurance company and request that an adjuster have the vehicle repaired and pursue legal settlement later if necessary. The fact is there never has been an engine failure attributed to the non-performance of AMSOIL products, and we do not expect there ever will be. If it ever did, both AMSOIL and their insurance company would make certain your problem was resolved.

Tim, I got this from the Amsoil Site, so tell me how long will it take for this situation to get resolved, how long does the claim process with Amsoil's insurance take to get resolved.

Then we need to have some insurance adjuster come and check on things, this is sounding like a long process.
Since AMSOIL stated "there has never been an engine failure attributed to the non-performance of AMSOIL products" I think the whole discussion is moot.

So it really depends on how long Ford takes to do their part and oil analysis and to authorize repairs.

I don't see, nor have ever heard, where an AMSOIL insurance adjuster comes to check on things since AMSOIL has the oil and parts and the 3rd party analysis performed.

I have never heard of it being described as a long process.

The rare cases I have heard of are the dealership claiming the oil or extended intervals are to blame. Then a call to AMSOIL should be made. Normally, that is enough for the dealership to contact Ford and repairs are then made.