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Reply to "New Car Warranty using Amsoil..."

Originally posted by Trajan:
The warranty is a contract. You do not follow the obligations agreed to under the contract, you forfiet any benefit of said contract.

“Installation or the use of special materials does not, in and of itself, void the New Vehicle Limited Warranties.”
Service and Parts Operations,
Chrysler Corporation

“If engine damage otherwise covered by warranty was found to be unrelated to the engine lubricant, then the consumer’s practice with regard to oil change intervals would not be a relevant consideration, and the warranty claim would be honored.”
Fuels and Lubricants Division,
General Motors Research Laboratories

“The New Vehicle Warranty would not be void simply because an owner failed to use proper engine oils or did not perform maintenance at the
prescribed intervals. Warranty applicability is contingent upon the cause of failure.”
Service Policies and Procedures Department,
General Motors Corporation