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Reply to "New Car Warranty using Amsoil..."

Just wanted to say the same thing on this thread as the other.

I have been reading these threads for a while now. I have to laugh at the guys spending money and driving themselves crazy over those 'flawed' UOA's.

I have never done a UOA,and have never worn out an engine,or failed inspection for emissions due to engine issues,including cars purchased with 100K,I drove to 200K.

You guys are obsessing way to much on those flawed 'UOA's.

I haved used/use Amsoil,and I have found it to be far superior to any store bought oil,period. Why?....engines were notably quieter, even the #1 "race proven" stuff can't compete.

My marine mechanic co-worker has also stated the same using amsoil. Again,engines were quieter,no lifter taps after hard runs.

All I see from the negative neds is,what if this,what if that. JUST CRAZY!!!

Well here is a what if scenario for you to ponder...........what if all those blown/sludged engines in all those class action lawsuits with documented proof of following the MFG had used..............AMSOIL, instead of the 'other cheap stuff'???? There's a what if to really ponder.

Amsoil was never involved in those suits or in those engines. There is your ultimate proof how good it is.

One issue I have is with certain makes and models installing "lawn mower sized" oil filters on mid-sized/full sized cars,that might be loading up too soon...or some engines having previous sludge before amsoil was installed giving blame to amsoil,where the previous oil was to blame.

I think the 'micro-sized' oil filters should have a lower mileage change interval,unless one can find a suitable upgrade for their application,such as the CM FILTER.

Just the facts..........not what if this,or that, nonsense. We are not in the 'TWILIGHT ZONE"...... let's stick to the historical FACTS AT HAND and keep it real!
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