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Reply to "New Car Warranty using Amsoil..."

Originally posted by inHaliburton:
I was in a garage today and looked over the oil filters they were stocking. I was surprised how small those filter are. As you say, lawnmower size filters. What gives?

Those small filters work great when the car is brand new,or under lab conditions. The real world has "struck" them down,almost every time...over time. If synthetic group IV is used from new,they might be ok.

If you ever have the chance to cut open one of those smaller oil filters,the first thing you will notice is the actual filtering media is half the size of the outer can,so it's actually even worse than it seems!!

My VW 1.8t has been upgraded to a 'quart sized' larger filter by the MFG,because of all the sludge issues,which I don't have because of the oil I use. VW now mandates synthetic because the larger filter was not enough to prevent the sludge issues with domestic quick lube motor oil. The synthetic most people use is only group III,good for maybe 30% longer then group II,or around 5,000 miles give or take. The micro filter=3,000 miles with group III,or go for the larger filter if you can cross reference,if not,go for the cm filter.

This is the way to get a larger,superior quality filter if all else fails
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