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Reply to "New Car Warranty using Amsoil..."

If you have warranty questions specific to modifications, you can call AMSOIL tech support to see if the warranty will cover you. No different than any other motor oil company warranty, except AMSOIL has the longest extended oil change interval warranty and covering more parts and labor.

Tim, we do not care about other motor oil warranties, we do not need them compared to Amsoil's SHAMEFUL Warranty.

It would be nice if you wrote your own words instead of copying stuff out of Amsoil's SalesBook.

You could have just said, if you do not use an OEM Part then your warranty is not covered.

Here are some areas where you can get in trouble with the Amsoil Warranty:

1) Non- OEM Air Filter
2) Non- OEM Spark Plugs
3) Non- OEM PCV Valve
4) Non-OEM Exhaust

We do not need to call the Amsoil Tech Line, we already have there Warranty that if it were a CHEESE it would be Swiss Cheese since it has many holes in it.