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Shell has owned the Pennzoil and QuakerState brands for around 10 years now in an attempt to increase market share. All 3 of their brands are down in market share since then. AMSOIL has record sales this year. The motor oil market overall is down 20% this year. AMSOIL has doubled in sales in the past 4 years. Looks like motorists are leaving the other brands more and using AMSOIL.

If you don't want to look at AMSOIL data, then I suggest not looking at it. As a retired Shell Oil scientist, I find test data very important. I think others do as well. The motor oil industry as a whole was down 20% last year, yet AMSOIL had record sales, so they must be doing something right. I read all the time about other motor oil companies laying off employees, raising prices, refineries shutting down, selling off product lines, leaving markets, etc., but AMSOIL is growing by leaps and bounds. If I could find undisputed independent test data showing other products superior to AMSOIL with a better warranty and history, then I would sell those.

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Tim Vipond
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Again, no problems reported other than a small number of vehicles had a light come in a few extreme cases. No damage has been reported. If damage occurs due to the filters, AMSOIL pays for repairs.

Here is some data comparing AMSOIL's market share to the competitors:
"The 2009 Fast Lube Operators Survey shows AMSOIL is
among the top-selling synthetic motor oils in the fast lube
business. In fact, 4 percent of operators listed AMSOIL as
their best-selling synthetic motor oil. The AMSOIL percent-
ages were 2 percent in 2007 and 3 percent in 2008, indicat-
ing the demand for AMSOIL synthetic motor oil has doubled
in only two years."

A bit more than a flea as you stated, don't you agree?

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Tim, do you have any proof of what you are saying with these sales increases or is the info proprietary, I just don't get why you are pointing out these sales figures, if I found out that Pennzoil Platinum doubled in sales I would really not care, I use the oil because I like it, sales figures mean nothing to me.

This Fast Lube Operators Survey sounds like a Bogus Survey to me, pure Amscam Marketing, maybe I will go to Jiffy Lube and ask them to put in Amsoil Motor Oil, I am sure its on the shelf next to Redline Motor Oil and on the shelf above there is Synlube and Mobil 1

I will bet that the bottom shelf will contain Royal Purple and RLI Biosyn.