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Reply to "New Car Warranty using Amsoil..."

Market shares just seem misleading too me, you did show a graph where Mobil had like 58% market share and Amsoil had 4% market share, I am looking for what it means in dollars and cents.

You have to remember that the "Market Share" of Synthetic Motor oil is now in 2% range that is from almost 250,000,000 Light duty vehicles less than 5 million use "synthetic oils"

From the Mobil 1 volume sales that would if true mean that Mobil 1 users only change their oil every 30 months, which is not likely, so again the BIG OIL as well as "small oil" like to misrepresent the fact, or basically lie about their sales.

While it is easy to hide the details in annual reports for ExxonMobil.

AMSOIL does not issue any public disclosure so anything goes and does not need to have any truth in it just like their trademarked slogan (basically also a lie or at a minimum a deception) "First in Synthetics"....

Since almost all "synthetic" oils sold in USA are API Group 3 based with only occasional blend in of PAO even the "synthetic term is greatly depreciated"

When high quality PAO sells for $8.00 or more per pound and Mobil 1 in store sells for under $8.00 and weights just under 2 pounds, just figure how much virgin PAO is really in it !!!

If you were a jeweler and going price for ounce of GOLD is $1,000 would you "retail" a finished ring that has net weight of 2 ouces for $1,000 ?

Only if the filling of the ring is really silver or copper, then you can do so at a profit !

Do you really think that ExxonMobil is loosing over $8.00 on every pound of PAO they produce after they put it into Mobil 1 bottle, or is it more reasonable to think that MOST of the stuff in the bottle is NOT synthetic oil at all, they just happen to call it that....

This should be rather obvious to anyone who is willing to "think" outside (or rather inside) the bottle - and oh yes the "special custom made bottle is not FREE either, it may actually cost as much as $1.00 to $1.20 to produce and "label".

SO think of what you are really paying for, and that does not even include the $45 million annual NASCAR sponsorships and "branding".

At least they no longer pay for GOLF to promote Motor Oil, they must be getting smarter in their marketing effort !!!