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Reply to "New Car Warranty using Amsoil..."

Originally posted by ADFD1:

Question..........who is actually listening to Trajan..........NOT ME!

ADF1 SAID........
I think Trajan gave some good advise.


Really,tell us what the good advice was since I was the one who said to use only an OEM PCV valve. So,in reality,you(ADF1) unwittingly backed what I said.

Tell us what other advice he(trajan) gave that isn't already something you(ADF1) knew already?

I will continue with my PCV valve rant!

Using the wrong(aftermarket) PCV valve should not cause your car to use more oil unless you are using motor oil that is highly volatile in which case it will burn off anyway.

Using an after market PCV valve is a bad idea because the valve spring in after market valves is not typically calibrated as precise as the OEM valve allowing for improper metering of the valve,and improper venting of the crankcase gases. This will either cause too much venting,or not enough, causing condensation issues, sludge issues ,and idling issues. Way too much venting might cause loss of oil.

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Let's review Trajan's Idiotic Advice! AGAIN................

1. Buy a car not prone to sludge = Bad advice,impossible to know the future of any make,model,unless you buy used.

2. Change oil every 3,000 miles=Bad,antiquated,expensive,wasteful,advice.

3. Change PCV valve yourself = Not all models even have one now days. You also failed to mention to only use OEM valve if changed,and never use aftermarket valve. You could void the warranty with trajans advice.

4. Don't be a stupid owner = Bad advice.Need to define what stupid owner means. Most Americans only know where the key goes to start the car,and therefore are,"stupid",at least mechanically. That will never change,only worsen.

5. Change coolant every 30,000 miles = Trajan is living in the seventies,and is clueless.

6. Use the correct weight of oil = Vague advice, as weights are generally only recommendations,not mandates as per the manual.

TRAJAN QUOTE........"You can change the PCV valve yourself, or have it changed with the 30,000-mile coolant service. But remember, coolant is best changed by a technician so they can dispose of the fluid properly."

As you can see........Trajan is the one saying to change PCV........yourself.

In sum.........what the heck is Trajan talking about..........AGAIN....

Question..........who is actually listening to Trajan..........NOT ME!
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