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Reply to "New Car Warranty using Amsoil..."

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Miro Kefurt:

When high quality PAO sells for $8.00 or more per pound and Mobil 1 in store sells for under $8.00 and weights just under 2 pounds, just figure how much virgin PAO is really in it !!!

The other issue besides cost I would think is group I-III oil is a byproduct of the refining process to make fuel,and now what to do with all that lube oil. It would be similar to how big industry gets rid of another industrial by- product..........FLUORIDE.

We are all using/burning some type of fuel that comes from crude oil,and the byproduct of all that refining of crude oil,would be mineral/lube oil as a byproduct.

Big oil is always going to push mineral oil vs synthetic,otherwise how would all that product(mineral oil)get used up.

Look how much mineral/lube oil is in this graph.

I would think that part of the graph(lube oil) is reserved for all the naysayers in this group against synthetic oil.
They are the ones doing all those 3000 mile oil changes who drink all the mineral oil........Kool-Aid!!

I would think that big oil is totally against using 100% synthetic with extended oil changes,so big oil will always market 3000 mile changes using mineral oil,for more profit, and to "Get Rid" of the lube oil. Only suckers buy into that philosophy,not me!

I also think that automotive diesel technology has not really caught on(politically)in this country vs Europe for the same set of reasons. If more cars got 50 MPG using diesel..........what would big oil do with all that extra........gasoline. What would happen to the price of gasoline,and big oil profits!! It's all about supply and demand,and of course......BIG PROFIT.
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