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Reply to "New Car Warranty using Amsoil..."

Originally posted by johnpr3:

"Only 11 percent of survey participants are using synthetic motor oil in their engine."

I guess that would mean the other 89% percent are, "out of the loop" in the meantime. Too bad for them,but very good for big oil and all those profits.

Now we know why all those engines sludged up and all the subsequent lawsuits...........everyone(90%+) went to iffy lube and got the cheap bulk oil that is prone to sludge.

Some people(TRAJAN) think(say) that certain engines are prone to sludge,and/or are defective, when in reality,it's certain oils are prone to sludge and or defective.

That 11% percent really shows how clueless the public is. The very same public that just voted for Al Greene in SC.(lol)

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