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Reply to "New Car Warranty using Amsoil..."

Tim Vipond

Please just stick with:

Natural Organic soil supplements for your yard and garden

At least there you can grow two crops next to each other in the same garden and have "proof" that it really works in just one growing season.

Yet I have not seen a single AMSOIL dealer do that YET, why not ???

Hey just ask Al to send me a certified copy of his discharge papers, that is all the proof I need.

Till then I will go by what I already know and have known for years...

Short of that I just want to understand how someone not in the service for admitedly years was in that same time promoted from "pilot" to "squadron commander".

All you have to do is check the "history" AMSOIL published 26 years and 32 years ago - even those claims DO not match, but then COLONEL DRAKE was no COLONEL either, may by that is why this was "perpetrated".

Pouring ETO-85 into just another bottle (from the metal can it used to come in) is not exactly formulating the first Synthetic Motor Oil, especially since the can lid has "NOT FOR USE AS MOTOR LUBRICANT" on it from OEM.

But hey if you have worn out old PINTO, not much more damage can happen by using it especially in Alaska.