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Reply to "New Car Warranty using Amsoil..."

Miro Kefurt
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Posted Thu June 24 2010 12:14 AM Hide Post
I am glad that somebody finally noticed and admitted that the AMSOIL trademark slogan is just that and nothing more no proof of anything, but continuation of the deceptive practices that AMSOIL has always used, going back to the myth of military service by it's founder - who was nothing more than a mechanic on base in Alaska.

The paragraph below is some info I found on Big Al.

Founder, President and CEO of AMSOIL, Inc., Albert J. Amatuzio, was introduced to synthetic lubricants used in the jets he flew as a fighter pilot for the US Air Force. He later founded his company, AMMOIL which would later be changed to AMZOIL, Inc., which would later be changed to AMSOIL, Inc., due to trademark concerns brought forth by Pennzoil. Mr. Amatuzio went on to formulate a synthetic motor oil for use in automobiles in a joint effort with the Hatco Corporation[1]. AMZOIL 10W-40 grade 100 percent synthetic motor oil became available to the general public in 1972 as the first synthetic motor oil in the United States, claimed to meet American Petroleum Institute (API) requirements, though AMSOIL has refused to ever submit any oil sample to the API for testing. Today AMSOIL, Inc., markets the XL line of API certified synthetic motor oil [2] as well as many other oil formulations that they claim meet or exceed current API requirements.

Miro, did our boy Big Al exaggerate his Military Service.

Miro, as you can see when Amsoil became available to the public in 1972 as the so called 1st synthetic motor oil in the U.S. they CLAIMED, remember Tim, the word claim does not mean proof or proved, so they claimed to meet API Requirements, though AMSOIL has REFUSED any oil sample testing, why am I not surprised.

I did read where Big Al was a Line Mechanic, well Miro, how can we find out the dirty truth about Big Al.

Is there anything else you can tell us.