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Reply to "New Car Warranty using Amsoil..."

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Trajan:

The Mustang's owner manual says what it says. It doesn't say use whatever you want and we'll cover your stupidity.

The owners manual only makes recommendations,not mandates typically. The owners manual is actually implying you can use whatever you want,others wise the law states the MFG would have to supply free oil.

My own manual says use mfg approved oils. It doesn't say use whatever you want and we'll cover your stupidity.

How would the MFG even know what kind of oil was used unless the car was serviced at the dealer? Motorist have been denied in the past over sludge issues with receipts, and dealer serviced cars......motorists were told they....'abused the car'......


I own a Jeep with a 4.7 v-8........and the "manual" ..merely... "recommends" 5w-20 oil. I can use whatever oil I want...........and I do use whatever I want..........5w-50 synthetic!

My mustang V-6....."recommends" 5-30 oil.Again,I use whatever I want.

My vw 1.8t.......only recommends a certain oil as well. I use what I want.

I use whatever oil I want,but my choice of oil does exceed all the specs,and is better than the stuff the dealer would install.

I don't need receipts according to the warranty company,they would have to prove the engine failed, because the oil failed the engine. The only way that was done,at least in the past, was by the presence of sludge. Sludge=denied warranty.

There was a case I read on BITOG where only the cam failed in the engine,and nothing else. I believe the MFG at first tried to blame the oil,but the cam was pitted all over,even where there is no friction. The cam had metalurgy issues,so the cam/mfg was at fault,not the oil,and the warranty covered the defect.

Also remember,if your engine fails because of a defect.......there will probably be service bulletins all over the net. Do your homework and research your engine,transmission,etc....even before you have issues. If something is defective and fails you will be standing strong with evidence.

Never back down from a dealer,you can even threaten them with a lawsuit if you have to.

I actually took a dealer known as F.C. Kerbeck to small claims court over repair work they botched but tried to deny. I did my homework and won in court without a lawyer,and the Kerbeck service writer was furious,and could not believe he lost.

The law is always on the consumers side unless you totally and obviously abuse your vehicle and then try to make a bogus claim,such as driving through 4 feet of water and hydrolocking the engine.