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Reply to "New Car Warranty using Amsoil..."

Originally posted by Trajan:
As seen in this thread from our resident troll. who hasn't popped in yet:

I just love this line: "You do have the right to use any oil you choose, and if that oil is not what Ford specifies for warranty purposes, Ford has the legal right to give you the middle finger, which is exactly what they are doing"

The guy A: The wrong oil. B: Ignored the OCI.

And dnewton3's posts are very informative as well.

You calling me a TROLL? lucky you, wouldn't have the nuggets to say that to my face!

My name is Javier and I live in Miami FL right off 248 st and US1 just look for the AMSOIL signs!

Talking smack with no content is really something a teenager does...