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Reply to "New Car Warranty using Amsoil..."

Originally posted by ADFD1:
Originally posted by BKL98MK8LSC:
After ford denied your warranty claim,did amsoil pick up the bill javier?

I didn't read the thread, but I'd figure if it was Amsoil, they'd be looking long and hard for a way out. JMO

Moral of the story, use the recommended oil, for the suggested interval, and live happily ever after.

(((( That is not exactly reality,Ad ))))



The warranty booklet calls for SAE VISCOSITY GRADES 0W30/15W40

2 weeks before my truck turbo failed I had to add 2 gallons of coolant, no external leak found.

it is so black and white, fluid meets Ford specs. source of sludge verified coolant contamination.
plus all the pictures I took at the dealer pulling a sample.

No lube manufacture will honor any warranty with 442PPM of sodium in the UOA.

(( Because the engine ruined the oil with coolant )))

I'll dito Johnny. It seems like a good case against Ford, although the OCI was pretty long. The oil company is pretty much off the hook because of the 442 ppm sodium.

explain how oil changes would prevent the sludge build up?
when the oil drains the sludge stays put.
I went and seen the sludge, it aint draining out.
fresh oil with coolant still contaminating the oil will not prevent formation of sludge.

Ok, one morning I hooked up my bobcat with a load of palms and drove out to the gate, noticed the coolant gauge a little higher than normal, checked it and found it low, 2 gallons.
I drove the truck the next day to Ford for them to look and they said "did you fill it with coolant?" I said yes, that was end of conversation.
No help at the dealer here, all about making a buck, No customer service.
I have an attorney on it now time will tell.

warranty covers turbochargers for 5 years 100,000 miles that is all that broke on my truck, I dont have any other damage.
I have two other friends with coolant in the oil UOA verified, also we may look for a class action.

I should feel sorry for him, but we've had so many 6.0 problems (repeated turbo failures on 5K OCI maintained vans, repeated EGR cooler failures)


The bottom line (TRAJAN),this particular engine dumped a load of coolant into the Oil,and sludged up and damaged,luckily,.... only the turbo.

What is your point by referencing this particular scenario...........over,and over again. People lose engines with 3k OCI'S. it happens.

I never change my oil,but.....I do check under the hood at least weekly,and perform the minimum checks.....

Check dip stick level,oil condition.

Check coolant.

Check Master C.

Look for leaks,smells,etc.

Monthly checks might include Tranny dip stick(I have one)

Check power steering fluid.

Add washer fluid.

Yearly or two years

Change flush brake fluid(every 20K)

Flush power steering fluid(every 30K+)

Flush Transmission(every 30-50k,or when discolored)

Gear lubes/t-case are now synlubed in both cars that apply.
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