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Reply to "New Car Warranty using Amsoil..."

Originally posted by Ranchopower:

the Ford mechanics told me NO WAY! coolant will ake the oil milky! I just laughed at them told them keep working...


Isn't it amazing the attitude of those 'ASE' certified mechanics. Some(not all),think they are 'Gods' once they get certified.

I have had several strong discussions with them including the court case I won,that was sweet!

They just hate it when the consumer actually knows something,even more than the tech on occasion. An educated consumer usually wins,especially if he is mechanical,like me!

I have been told,and read that receipts are not needed,only record keeping regarding oil changes. If something happens they are supposed to prove it was the oils fault anyway,so let them do their "Job",don't do it for them.

My belief is that the consumer does not have to legally reveal the particular oil that was used,the onus is on the dealer to 'prove' something.

You know what they have the right to remain silent,and if you do say something,it better go like this........."would you like to talk to my lawyer"

Why make the dealer's job of 'proving' anything, a..."cake walk". Why hang yourself when you legally don't have to. You have the right to remain silent applies....legally,if you think about it.

If an engine issues come up......don't "brag" to them what brand you's none of their business.......legally!!! Play dumb,but innocent....your lawyer would even tell you that if you had one.

In theory,and "legally",you could change the oil before you go in for an issue,and even do a MM,etc. "flush",and change oil again I suppose,and then go in for service with clean oil/engine,and who would be the wiser,not to mention, you're not breaking any laws of course.

The dealership/stealership,doesn't need any more 'AMMO' than they already use against the motorist as it is! Don't feed them bullets to shoot you with! Be smart!

I say use whatever brand of oil,and be smart about it.

If anyone is really 'paranoid',then they should go to the 'stealership',and let them change the oil based on 'severe' service,save all receipts until the warranty runs out.

The only issue I see with dealership oil changes now days is that some warranties on the power train go to 100k,and that would be like 30 stealership oil changes,fluid flushes,etc.............NO THANK YOU.........I'LL DO MY OWN,and save a small fortune!

What these dealerships charge now days makes legal counsel seem cheap,if you add it up! I'll take my chances,I have never lost,nor been burned,and I bet I won't ever.

When your fuel injectors clog under warranty,do they ask you what brand of fuel you use? The same applies to the oil,IMO.

In short,my brand of oil is my choice!

How many on this board if they had a CAT,O2 sensor,emission issue,etc.go out under warranty would admit to using certain fuel additives they brag here about, like,MMO,TCW3,ETC,ETC....they would play "dumb like a fox".

In sum........what they(dealer),don't know won't hurt them..........and it certainly won't hurt you! Wink
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