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Reply to "New Car Warranty using Amsoil..."

Trajan said.........

Do a search on "Cathy Covington" here. Lady with a motorhome with a Ford V10 that blew up. You guessed it, she went over the oil change interval and Ford gave here the finger just like they're doing to you."

Ok...Tajan,here is what I found.....

////"I went to the dealership yesterday. It seems that they have discarded all the oil that cameout of my engine. The service manager said that "it appeared to be preety clean,so we saw no reason to save it" the only oil that was left was in a little plastic container with my name on the top and my oil filter in it. I called my Amsoil rep from the dealership to ask him what to do. He told me to go ahead and get a sample of that oil...its all we got. I asked for the data from a failure analysis and he said he did that visually. I asked for the data from his oil analysis and he said that he saw no reason to do one because he did that visually too. They were very cocky acting and quite sure of themselves. I did take pictures of the crankshaft and the oil pan..which appeared to be pretty clean to me. Honestly, I haven't worked on a car in years. Back in the day, I did most of the work on my '69 Camaro and my '79 Camaro. BTW, we were coming from a motocross race. My daughter has raced motocross for 8 years. We are in our motorhome almost every weekend. My husband and daughter had just returned from a 2 week trip to California, so the RV had been sitting for that 2 weeks, because with the price of gas, they just went in the truck. We had gone to Thayer, Mo the weekend before and were coming from Smithville, AR when this occurred. I still have a problem with the fact that we had no warning. No oil light, service engine soon light, no loss of pressure...nothing. Just quit!

Isn't this a contradiction. Firstly he said it was due to dirty oil, but later said it was pretty clean.

How can he say then that the failure was due to the oil?

The local Ford crook (dealer) said they'd never heard of this before. I pointed out the NHTSA site where I wasn't the only one. They said that they'd never heard of it before. I say NHTSA and they say I'm the first. Round and round we go.


If you read the thread you will understand that a UOA was done on the oil and the oil was under no means the cause of failure. So what gives Ford the right to deny a warranty claim on this defective motor? Inform me cause I am all ears..

All we asked them to do was PROVE to us that the oil caused the problem. I asked them to put it in writing...they refused. the dealership refused...the Ford Customer Rep refused and the Ford engineer refused.

his thread cracks me up. Not finding humor in Cathy's problem but all the crap house lawyering. I have owned new Chrysler, Ford, GM, Nissan, Toyota vehicles. All had their faults in some way and all the Dealers doing the same tap dance to get out of things. Ford is not exclusive in how they are dealing with this "///////

Looks like ford is playing Dirty to me! The oil and the engine was clean.......

More proof of 5w-20 being too thin... In the rest of the world,that same engine would never see 5w-20,only in America.....CAFE standards are to blame.

If I were Kathy,I would have drawn an oil sample first,and never have told ford the exact OCI. She did get off the hook 80% though in the end.
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