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Reply to "New Car Warranty using Amsoil..."

Originally posted by ADFD1:
Thanks my question is if a 20 grade oil is spec'd and used and the engine fails because the oil was too "thin" "CAFE" as you said who eats the repair? Not in Kathy's case just a general question?


If ford,or some other MFG determines the oil is too thin and is leading to damage,then ford would be on the Hook. However,they will try to weasel out,if the consumer gives them an out.

I can't believe ford has spec'd 5w-20 for a if a 5-30 would harm fuel economy?

The mustang V-8 in some cases is spec'd for 5w-50(I believe synthetic only),so what gives with the V-10?

I would think on long hard hot runs with the V-10 running 5w-20, the oil would thin out too much and lose pressure at certain locations in the V-10 engine without triggering the oil pressure sending unit,and wipe out a bearing or more.

There apparently have been many issues with this engine all over the net,and lots of warranty work,haven't really researched the fine details though.

I would run 5w-30 at least,and use only synthetic.

5w-50 for the stang is here.