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Reply to "New Car Warranty using Amsoil..."

Originally posted by Trajan:

It is hard to reconcile the claim that you use synlube when your own link says: "check your owner's manual and insist on the correct weight of quality oil."


I do check/read my owners manual(what a joke-at times),and I also read the shop repair manual(differs from the owners manual-more trustworthy),and I don't "insist" on anything,I simply do what I know is best,and install what I want. I do the research and due diligence!

Those who have no clue,or confidence, are the ones who should have their vehicles serviced exclusively by the dealer/professional(what the link I posted infers).........perhaps Trajan,you are in that be it!

The link I posted is not, "my own link",as you imply,it's just a link I posted showing an article written by someone else(Schleeter)that discusses the issues of sludge, why it exists,what causes it,and how synthetic oil prevents it! The owners manual mentioned in the link was not what the article was really about,it was about sludge,and the benefits of SYNTHETIC OIL.

Funny thing.............the mention of the owners manual was only if you're on a budget...

"On any vehicle, if you can't afford synthetic oil, check your owner's manual and insist on the correct weight of quality oil. "

However,if you're not on a budget then........

# Make sure the shop that services your car uses the highest quality oil (brand name, full synthetic). Synthetic oil adds only $16.00 to $30.00 to an oil change. Read why synthetic prevents sludge build-up>
# Ask for a high-quality oil filter. The cost difference is less than $2.00.

Read why synthetic prevents sludge build-up>