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Reply to "Oil Change Intervals - Why Try To Extend?"

Originally posted by John Micetic:
...I also change my Castrol Sintec in my little TDI around every 2500 miles. If manufacturer says that this oil is good for 5000 miles, then even better...

My dear John,

As of me you are free to change your oil each 10 miles! (How about idea of constant flow through engine?) That’ll be probably much better than changing at 2500 miles? When you switch to more frequent changes please do not change your favorite Castrol Syntec, “full synthetic brand" because you already are get used to be deceived and you obviously like it. In case that you do not know what I am talking about read Castrol Syntec MSDS where is stated: Chemical Family/Classification: Synthetic hydrocarbon ! Explore for yourself meaning of word hydrocarbon and compare it with "full synthetic" label of your favorite oil. That'll be your homework since I can’t do everything for you!
BTW What is advantage of your favorite synthetic oil if you change it sooner than OEM recommendation? Explain us, please, what benefits you have by more frequent changes. I am always ready to learn something new and you, definitely, have some knowledge to share with others. (I am referring to “stupid European engineers and design teams”)

If you read (again) my post carefully you won’t be able to find that I am recommending Amsoil. As mechanical engineer and as caring citizen of planet Earth I AM RECOMMENDING SYNTHETICS, SYNTHETICS AND SYNTHETICS! In spite of that ANY BRAND of synthetic oil (full, 100%), except Syntec, will work. Why not Syntec – refer to previous paragraph!

Your words about Canada are telling more about your cultural level and “making an democratic argument and respecting opinions of others” than about Canadian ways of solving a problems. Moreover, for your info, there is what Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection says: "Our Do-It-Yourselfers dispose of 11 million gallons of used oil a year. The authors of this website state that only 14 percent is re-cycled and the rest, 9.5 million gallons, is dumped, either into sewers, on the ground, into the trash or 'into rivers like they are doing it in Canada'." And that is what happens in just one US state! Extrapolate this data out and all of us are going to be surprised by awesomely large numbers nationally.
It is sad that your degradation of your country's first neighbor is rather based on your personal behavior (highly influenced by Balkan roots) than by facts about accepted protocols saying that Canada is much deeper in environment protection than US. Further discussion would put you into very unstable position!

Your attempts to negate environmental problems caused by draining still good motor oil are not successful. Considering that you can "do with your money and equipment whatever you want" as a good technological basis for doing it just is telling us how negligent toward environment you actually are. Therefore, I’ll repeat calculation with one million drivers (if it weren't millions of them, actually!) like you - John Micetic. Your group is taking from mother Earth earlier than it is needed 60 million quarts of oil per year, almost 6 Exxon Valdez oil spils, and that is considered as environmental damage too! Top all of that with required energy for production of oil and bottles and associated transportation costs! If that is your (personal) goal – do it! Do the same with your bread, turkey, fruit… Let your bathroom faucet open and do not care about (world's) scarce for drinking water! Use ethylene glycol instead of polyethylene glycol as your favorite antifreeze! Why not to do similar with your salary; take just a half of it? You live in free country and you can do "whatever you want".

Being different of you, long time ago I have decided not to be part of that game! Since that point I’ve been turned toward future, not past and “believe it or not” my car perfectly works with 25.000 miles motor oil. Several UOA’s confirmed it! Therefore, do not count on me in your group!
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