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Reply to "Oil Change Intervals - Why Try To Extend?"

What risk?

I try to extend because my significant other's budget control allows either oil or beer or cigarettes or other entertainment.....

I do believe that you can not overly maintain a vehicle. But, if budget is an issue, then you can definitely waste too much money on maintenance.

I find that an odometer is a poor tool for measuring oil change interval. I find that an engine timer is more consistent.

Each driving style and platform would require a used oil analysis to determine an effective and budget smart OCI. A UOA actually cost as much as 3 or 4 budget do-it-yourself oil changes. So, its up to you to decide whether you should just change the oil, or UOA and push the oil to the limit.

IMO, it doesn't make a difference what oil type or brand you use if the UOA is good. Mineral, synth, blend, is for you to choose. But, under engineered engines should take the best you can afford.

My oil also goes to the local recycler to be turned into re-refined oil or dropped off at the local powerplant to produce that electricity that I'm using to type this. So, I don't care for the enviro crowd argument. I also maintain my vehicles to last as long as possible. Which is worse, my 2 extra gallons of oil a year? or the enviro impact of purchasing a new vehicle every 3-5 years and salvaging the old one?

Engines cost more then oil changes. Degradation to neglected engines, IMO, is worse then a few extra oil changes a year.

I prefer optimum long term performance, power, and MPG, from preventive maintenance which has allowed several of my 250k+ mileage vehicles to run without ANY oil consumption and pass strict chassis dyno emissions testing in Ma and RI with flying colors.