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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Originally posted by ADFD1:
Castrol Syntec SAE 0W-30 European Formula (Meets all the specs.) That would be my choice, seems to be a favorite oil for many drivers, with tons of data backing it up. Save the thicker stuff for if/when you ever have oil use problems. The other nice thing about the Castrol product is it is pretty easy to get, no jumping through hoops.

I have a few Shipmates using Castrol in BMW and they're all happy with it, engines are staying clean. We had the VC off one at the Hobby Shack not long ago, 100,000+ on the clock and clean as a bell using GC 0W30.


GC is a very good oil. I've used it a few times. The factory fill is rebadged Castrol TXT 5w-30.

There is one oil I didn't mention, though I'm using it. Mobil 1 TDT 5w-40.

Miscommunication between myself and my mechanic led to that. My fault that was. I wanted the Pz-5w-40, but the distributor didn't have it listed. (Common as we've heard over at BITOG). So I said "The M1 then.", meaning the 0w-40. Oops.....

Anyway, I looked up the specs, and was really surprised at the HTHS of 3.9, which is a tad higher the their 0w-40.