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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Originally posted by BKL98MK8LSC:
Im hesitant to recommend any product that I dont use myself or have any experience with. I can tell you the I use DELVAC 1 5-40 and lubrication engineers monolec SPB 5-30 in my own cars and trucks with no complaints. I also use lucas pure synthetic additive in some applications.Ive found it to be A very different product than their standard gorilla snot stabilizer. All depends on application and usage.

I came across this here:

"A note concerning Mobil 1 5w-40 SUV oil. I know that somebody is going to go to buy this and say "hey it doesn't say ACEA A3 on the back." They are correct. The 5w-40 oil repackaged Mobil Delvac 1, a Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine oil originally designed for trucks and fleet vehicles. This oil is slightly heavier than the 0w-40 and has an HTHS of 4.1. It meets ACEA E3,4 & 5 which are diesal requirements but still require an HTHS of greater than 3.5."

If it's the same as yours, that would be a good choice. I favor the higher HTHS numbers myself.

I hesitate to recommend oils I don't use too. In general though, I think an ACEA A3 oil is stouter than an non rated one of the same weight. JMHO though.
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