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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Originally posted by Deltona_Dave:
From what I have read, A3 is one of the requirements of the LL spec.

There are quite a few quality, off the shelf oils that will meet your needs.

The RP seems to keep my Titan happy, although I have only had it in for 200 miles. I don't know if the extra cost is worth it, as platinum works as good in the VK56DE.


It is a requirement, but if you look at the link and compare the two (ACEA A3 with BMW LL-01), you'll see a bit of difference.

Kind of like how all poodles are dogs, but not all dogs are poodles. (M1 High Mileage 10w-40 is ACEA A3, but not LL-01, for example.)

One reason I started this was to look for and discuss a viable alternative/s. I didn't know RP made a 0w-40.

Thanks to you, now I know of another worthy oil Smile