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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Originally posted by Deltona_Dave:
The German's have figured out how to get the most out of the engine, especially the smaller inline 6's.

Heck, the Krauts had synthetic oil during WWII!

The VK56DE in my truck, was modified for pulling. The original design was for the Q56 Infinity, with sodium filled valves, etc. Nissan just changed the valve train for truck work.

After driving my Sisters 330Ci, I can attest to the fact that BMW knows what they are doing. Medium displacement, HP number low on paper, but man does that thing sing on the hwy, and corner like it is on rails. Where I work, we are phasing out the HD Road King police for the BMW 1200RTP. The Hawgs pull away til about 20, then the Beamers say Bye Bye. Better warranty, balance, performance, 2 batteries, yep Germans know what they are doing. Maintenance is cheaper too.


Yes they do. best car I ever had. But oh the pain of having to fix it now....... Luckily my mechanic lets me bring my own parts.

If she ends up keeping it, inspect the expansion tank once in a while. It's a weak spot, and bimmers don't carry alot of coolant.

(I got lucky when mine cracked. Only cracked enough to empty itself and not the radiator.)