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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Trajan said....
I even told one purveyor of a certain oil that, provided he buy the engine, I'd use his oil. I'd even spring for the Dyson lab work.

The fact that he declined shows the level of faith in his product.


Using your nutty logic Trajan,would that also apply to Goodyear tire as well if they didn't buy you a car if you promised to install their tires?

Let's also ask Mobil(using your logic-or lack of) to buy you a car if you promise to gas up for ten years with their fuel-with a signed contract even. That would be the most equitable agreement possible,and guess what Xom(mobil) would still tell you......

In sum........using, 'your logic',Goodyear tires are junk,and so is Mobil gas?

Any other brilliant conclusions Trajan,we're all on the edge of our seats!