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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Lamont B Dumont:
"Millions of cars use dino. That's all they need."


Lamont,what oil is in your vehicles! GROCERY-GETTERS- Synthetic or petroleum.

How do you explain all the talk/use of MMO/ARX,flushes,cleaners,and new oil standards,such as dexos. We have people on these boards as we speak flushing out their engines with various solvents,and detergents,etc. What gives!

Explain to us what happened in Europe regarding the black death(sludge) that was epidemic,and also epidemic in America....even with proper OCI's.

Why are so many cars being sold with synthetic in the crankcase brand new. Even the small engines(mowers,etc.) are recommending synthetic.

Why are there now service bulletins mandating to use synthetic oil in some models that originally spec'd mineral oil,because the mineral based oil isn't holding up,no matter how often it's changed or what brand is used!

How many cars are in the junk yard right now with sludge,contrary to what you stated!

How many people have sludge and don't even know it-Yet!

You posted..
"so that when my worn out hulk is towed to the scrap yard, it will have a nice, shiny clean crankcase."

I have been to a few Junkyards over the years,Lamont........Have you? Shiny clean engines........No way!!! Where?

sludge article.....

quoted from above article:

"Aluminum engines with new heat transfer rates combined with hotter internal temperatures for emissions compliance, often overheating oil.

Finer internal tolerances and friction reduction called for lower viscosity motor oils.

These thinner lubricants allowed smaller pores on oil pan uptake screens which tended to clog easily. Front wheel drive compacted entire drive trains in crowded engine bays, where heat from tack-on turbochargers and catalytic converters built up. Cylinder heads evolved with three and four valves per cylinder, variable valve timing, and overhead cams with their associated chains and gears."

End quote-

Lamont,knowing all this,you would put mineral oil in your......"grocery getter",as you call it.

Well I don't know what you drive,however,my vehicles are not...."grocery-getters",as you say.

My vehicles are "paycheck-getters",and money "makers".

My vehicles cost a small fortune,and I am not going to 'cheap out',and install antiquated lubricant in a modern day high tech engines will be lubed by high tech synthetic oil so as to match the high tech engine technology they are lubricating.

In sum.........if you want your..."grocery getter" towed to the junk yard......... then run mineral oil in the engine! NOT ME! NO THANK YOU!
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