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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

I feel exactly the same way as you, and yes the dealer would probably laugh right in your face for sure! Even if you ran one of the non-certified oils that has an actual mail address for 1 year or 35,000 miles. FMC or anyone else would probably laugh really hard. Save those oils for after the warranty, if you plan on using them. Me I'll pass though!


How would the dealer even know the 'synthetic oil' was in the pan for up-to-35k.

In the past,a dealer/mfg "proved" the oil was in the crank way too long with the presence of severe and heavy sludge....because sludge always occurred when the oil was left in too long. I know of people who leased, didn't change the factory fill,blew up the motor now loaded up with sludge,and voided their warranty.

If the engine is running pure synthetic and has a defect,but no sludge,and a clean engine, the engine/part will be fixed under warranty.

You do not have to "Brag" to the dealer what brand of oil you are using,nor how long you left in the oil. Do change the 'factory' oil filter out very early on.

Almost all the people who have had lubricant issues/sludge/varnish-engine failures.....almost 100% of the time had been running mineral oil/and or group III oil.

Lexus/toyota,did have an issues with sludge and spec'd way undersized-laughable tiny oil filters that may have clogged up on few occasion with even amsoil...but not synlube.

However,the bulk of the issues were with mineral oil,and cellulose oil filters.

Those tiny oil filters give no margin of protection,if there is an issue.

The tiny oil filters pictured above work great under lab conditions-so the engineers gave the ok to use them,but Bigger is still better. A Larger media,less pressure drop/loss,more capacity-if needed,is always better. This is why I never totally trust the MFG,and their various specs,recommendations..........they are wrong about many things.....can you say recall!!!!

While on the subject of filters....I just replaced the mustang oil filter that happened to be the new fram-x2/100% synthetic media(fram says good up-to-10k) with 10,500 miles on it just to see how well it would perform with synlube. I cut open the filter and the media looked spotless inside. I even dissected the fuzzy type media,and NO dirt,no sludge,no varnish,no metal the filter-mag would have attracted if any,I believe this filter could have gone for another 10k.

The engine-looking inside the oil fill cap opening is also spotless,and uses Zero oil. I normally use a better filter than the very good fram x2 which cost me $6.95 at walmart.......they are now $8.95. I wonder how the Bosh distance plus compares since it does not have the backing screen like the fram X2. Most of these high end filters generally pull down to 5-7 microns at the 50% measure of efficiency(2 minutes on the highway or less)-when they are new,so perhaps they only get better over time.
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