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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

You have to be a complete idiot at this point

You really need to get a grip and stop spreading bad information. You're only making yourself look like an idiot. LOL

The only idiots in this world are the yourself.......buster........who deny..........H-I-S-T-O-R-Y !!!!!!!! Who deny the F-A-C-T-S!!!

Do you have a problem with what has already happened,historically,FACTUALLY- leading up to my posts.

Prove to me I have been wrong about.......anything I have posted thus far. I have made my case several times over by now!

Prove to me I am wrong when I state that most of the cars that have/had lube issues were running mineral oil most of the time,and group III some of the time,and typically a paper type,undersized oil filter.

Prove to me that the same percent of cars with lube issue running mineral/and or group III,were equal to the percent of cars running group IV with lube issues.......BET YOU CAN'T! HISTORY WON'T LET YOU!

Where are all those sludged up Toyotas and so forth with the Group IV stuff!

Most of us readily Admit that all lubes across the board have gotten better,including group III. However, I still choose Group IV,and the facts back me!

quote: Almost all the people who have had lubricant issues/sludge/varnish-engine failures.....almost 100% of the time had been running mineral oil/and or group III oil.

The above statement,Buster...................STANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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