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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

My Drop to the bucket:

Just like oil will surface to the surface no matter what BP may claim about it, lies and deceptions will eventually surface too.

Yes those who lie and deceive and make it their business model will still call it something different rather than admitting they ALWAYS lied about EVERYTING, or at minimum “most everything”.

Cae in point AMSOIL, whit slogans like “First in Synthetics” but we have already discussed it.
The fact that most of AMSOIL formulations are not at all 100% “true” synthetics is becoming rather obvious as they have to increase price of their products by 3 to 6% as of August 1, 2010.

WHY ? PAO and Ester are both DOWN in cost from ALL suppliers in USA !!
But API Group III is up 6 to 10 % - Aha may be that is why, and since API Group III is 1/3 the price of pure PAO, then only if it is a substantial portion of the mix (like 50%) that would force this price increase !!!
API Group III base stock is at best even with all the additives good for about 10,000 miles of service with 16,000 being the absolute limit.
Small number of AMSOIL customers with over 90 different vehicle models spanning as much as 10 years for each model suddenly have “problems” with loosing oil pressure due to clogged oil filters and plugged oil pump screens.
This small number even if there was just ONE vehicle problem for each one listed would be in 1,200 to 1,500 range !!!
How does oil filter get “plugged” so much that oil no longer flows through it even with by-pass valve?
Oxidized LOW COST base stock, which turned to yoghurt like goo or sludge that is why!
But following in the footsteps albeit with very small shoes that were imprinted on the American Consumers by Toyota, of course it is the customers FAULT by not changing the oil filters (Claimed to last 25,000 miles) – as often as recommended by the OEM = 6,000 to 7,500 miles !!!
Or as often as 3 to 6 months – so what gives AMSOIL ?
May be rebranding SHELL products that are based on API Group III is not such a good idea after all, better go back to your roots and once again start rebranding Exxon Jet Oil, bit ooups that costs $10 to $15 per Quart nowadays so selling it for $7.00 with a discount just will not work.

May be it is time for IPO. As selling a hot air (viz-a-viz TESLA) is far more profitable in USA than actually making any product at all.
PS: The Prices of SynLube have been the same since 1996, if there was even a drop of Petroleum in it we would not be able to do that – keep the price the same !
From AMSOIL Web:

“A small number of customers with Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus and Pontiac vehicles with Toyota-built engines have reported that their vehicles’ oil pressure light has illuminated prior to reaching the end of the AMSOIL-recommended 25,000-mile drain interval.”

And their small number vehicle list:
following applications:
• 2001-2010 Honda
• 2002-2010 Acura
• 1992-2006 Chrysler imports
• 1993-1997 Ford Probe
• 1996-2010 Nissan/Infiniti
• 1971-2000 Mazda
• 1999-2000 Mercury Villager
• 1990-2010 Mitsubishi
• 2004-2007 Saturn
I rest my case !!!