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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Originally posted by ADFD1:
Kirk- I hardly think Trajan has a problem. Burning a qt of oil in 6000 miles is not considered a problem. A car mfg considers oil consumption a problem when an engine uses more than 1 qt/1000 miles, anything else is considered normal.


I don't burn any oil at all....ZERO! Even the German VW 1.8T uses almost Zero oil. I am going to check my records because it might be very close to Zero oil use!

I also don't do flushes with A-RX like Trajan speaks of. Don't need to!

The VW 1.8t by design should use more oil than Trajan's BMW,not way less,if any at all,unless of course the 1.8t has,you guessed it....... SYNLUBE!!!

On a side note.....

Here is a quote from Bob from a guy bragging how clean his engine is with pics using Dino oil. I could see right off the bat this engine was flushed,and guess what.........

the quote...

"Usually 4000 miles. I put on 500 miles a week so I have had intervals slip to 5000. Most of the miles I put on the car are highway miles. And I usually add a quart of kerosene to the crank case and let it idle for 3 to 5 minutes before draining." (is that good for the cams?)


I have noticed a distinct pattern with all the Dino/mineral users bragging about their clean engines,and how great mineral oil is,but.......they All flush their engines with chemicals/solvents.......THEN TAKE PHOTOS OF A NOW SOLVENT FLUSHED ENGINE-GIVING THE FALSE ILLUSION THE MINERAL OIL KEPT THE ENGINE CLEAN! What gives? I never flush my engines now days..........don't need to!

the link..
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