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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Originally posted by Trajan:
Originally posted by Miro Kefurt:
We have hundreds of BMW customers about 1/2 of them swithced to SynLube at very low mileage typically before the first oil change (BECAUSE THE free SERVICE WAS JUST TOO much hastle, like coming back to pick up the car 4 hours later only to find it was not even toucvhed yet) - and with engines from 4 cylinder to 12 cylnder and they all go at least 16,000 miles before adding any oil (and most never fo between filter changes at 25,000 miles intervals). Then the other half switched AFTER the free BMW maintenance was over, or when they bought USED BMW (like Trajan did) and their oil consumption on the SAME ENGINES in SAME MY use as much as quart every 3,000 miles - which of course BMW claims is quite fine AND NORMAL !!!

So the problem really is that the FREE maintenance with the Glorified ZERO W Motor Oil causes so much wear in the 50,000 miles or 4 years that it turns ANY BMW engine in USA into Oil Burner.

And it is not one case in few hundred but 1/2 of the few hundred.

The BMW engines in Rolls Royces are the ones that get worn out the most.

So if you think the BMW Dealers use the best there is for their FREE service bit, perhaps you should do VOA on both the bottle and the stuff they pump in - I can make almost certain bet that the two are not the same, they probably use SA oil and just pocket the $75 from BMW that they get for OIL, FILTER and LABOR which probably is not enough to cover the genuine stuff.

Amazingly only MINI Dealers for most part seem to use good oil or else that NON BMW engine is more tollerant of poor quality oil.

Germans simple are not capable to make engines that do not burn oil - for PORSCHE 600 to 900 miles to a quart is OK and it is the only car in the world that has OIL LEVEL GAUGE (911) there sure is a reason why even with 14 Liters of oil it is needed !!!

You can, of course, prove that. Oh, wait, look who I'm asking......

So ummmm, what BMWs are factory filled with, what did you call it, 0w motor oil.

Which ones use SA oil and, as you claim, pocket the difference?

Asking you to prove anything is an excersize in futility. But unlike some posters here, one especially, I don't take the word of one like you.

Must be rough, knowing that I'll use quality, proven oil, over that garbage you peddle.

Proof............NO PROBLAMO!

Hows that 'Quality proven oil' working out?...oh that's right......your engine sludges and you burn oil. SEE ABOVE LINK!

Oh,Oh.............BIMMER SLUDGE......Now I see why Trajan uses A-RX

So much for more frequent oil changes........right from Bimmer forums too!

There is no link between more frequent oil changes and avoiding the unfortunate sludging shown above. I think if you look at the history of these cars, either the wrong oil was used and/or the head gasket is blown allowing coolant into the oil. One post even mentioned the sudden onset of problems after the car overheated.

I used to be in the Car business. The real Germans who are really into engineering,were not very impressed with BMW,ONLY BENZ! But that was a few years ago I have to say!