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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Originally posted by ADFD1:
All cars depreciate, it's called reality. How about those Yugos? What a joke they were.


The explaination goes over his head. He should also realize that, in time, many cars do increase in value. Depends on many things though.

A pristine 1969 Camaro with the right options is worth more than a new 2011 model. Today, an old Isetta, well,, which is far more than it costs when new.

He's only frothing at the mouth due to the very harsh light we've thrown on synlube. and the product came up short.

I would also explain to him that the 15K service on a BMW is much more than a simple oil change. But that would go over his head too.

We all know what a Yugo is worth. Even an Edsel is worth far more.

I also see that, and there is no surprise there, that once again, he can't back his "claims".

A free hint miro. Making fun of BMW doesn't faze me. Just displays the on going ignorance you convey. Good for a laugh or two.

Yugos sell for what, $100, if that now?
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