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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

MY point of all of this is, in case you have missed it:

Great vehicles no matter the make or model retain its value over time.

Poor vehicles lose their value very very quickly.

As simple as that.

If BMW retained it's value Trajan would not be able to afford even the used one.

NO ONE Can argue with that, the data is there and available to every one, but if you elect to stick your head into a sand dune that of course is you privilege.

Similarily data is availalble about the problems conventional lubircants cause, like sludge, gel, varnish, excessive oil consumption, and so on.

I accept the fact that BMW may have "special" low tension rings, but that does not explain why cars converted to a better lubricant at low mileage DO NOT consume much oil, while those serviced at BMW for FREE do develop such "problem" when the warranty is over or in just 50,000 miles.

NO one seems to report that their car lost 2 quarts or more before the FIRST service was due, but by 45,000 iles the same vehicle "burns" oil - WHY ???

May be the 15,000 + service intervals are just TOO LONG for the stuff the BMW dealers use in these vehicles.

Clearly when the engine leaves the BMW assembly it is as perfect as can be, it is only latter that it develops the "oil consumption", so something DOES NOT last.

And if the oil you use makes a difference then of course it is lubrication related issue.

Well actually more like Tribological Issue as friction, wear and lubrication all play a role in that scenario.

And do not think of this as SynLube promotion, simple as I have stated before we have BMW customers that did not use the FREE BMW service and NONE have oil consumption issues, while those that waited for the FREE and WARRANTY to expire FIRST before they switched all are asking why is my car burning so much oil.

It is not one in many vehclies issue; it is statistically proveable trend with identical experience shared my many.

Just search the web -------