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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Just to further the fact that miro doesn't know what he's talking about

Oil Service 15,000 miles

Replace oil and filter
Reset service indicator
Check front brake pads
Check rear brake pads
Check parking brake operation
Replace cabin air filter

Inspection 1 30,000 miles or 24 months (whatever is first)

The above, plus:

Check manual transmission fluid level. (If equipped)
Check all underhood componets/hoses for fluid leaks.
Check and drivebelts and replace if necessary.
Check steering and suspension components.
Check exhaust systems and mountings.
Check condition and operation of seatbelts.
Check headlight beam alignment.
Check operation of headlight/windshield washer system.
Check engine management system.
Road test.

45,000 miles/36 months

Repeat oil service.

60,000/48 months: Inspection II

repeat Ins 1
Replace spark plugs
Check drive shaft boots.

There's more to it,Like air filter changes, but it's more than the oil change he claims.

What he also doesn't mention is that the dealer arranges a loaner car for you. (I've had two 3 series sedans and a new Toyota Camry. The guy who owns the BMW dealership also owns the Toyota and Lexus dealership next to each other.)

You can of course wait at the dealer, but they give you a free loaner, so why bother.