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fowvay quote...

I used this stuff after reading an article in European Car. At least I think it was European Car magazine back then.... anyhoo...

I put it in my 1986 Jetta Diesel at 121,000 miles and installed a canton mecca remote oil filter at the same time. I changed the filter every 25,000 miles and added a quart of oil at that time.

I sold the car at 486,000 miles after it was rear ended by a Chevy Chevette doing 45mph. It still ran great and delivered a solid 42mpg in the city (redline to redline shifts) and averaged a healthy 52mpg at 70mph.

I did change the oil out every 50,000 miles as per there directions back in the early 90's and allthough extremly black it still was performing very well and there was no sludge build up anywhere.

I thought the company had fallen off the face of the Earth or had gone out of business. That is untill today when I came across a link to it from another website.

I will try it out first in our Ford Focus since it sees the most use. I will report back in 2 years when it had accumalted 50,000 miles and let you know the averages.
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Hi, Gary Allan. I will also take a VOA and send it in together with the UOA. I have been driving 10000 km(6200 miles) now, since I filled my old Nissan with Synlube. All I can say now, is that this seem to be the best oil I have ever used. However, this is based on sounds from the engine being gradually reduced, how the engine idles and how I think it performs,as well as a slight reduction in fuelconsumption. I will do a lot of driving this summer, so I was planning to send in a UOA when I reach some 20K miles.
I also have ordered their gear oil, and already have their oil in the diff. I also ordered their microglass filter, and I will replace the OEM Nissan oil filter with this. I don't think you can go wrong, by using their products, but if anyone can give some info proving otherwise, I would be glad to know. In the meantime, I keep on driving to test it.

And Many,many others like myself and so forth have been using synlube for many years now.........
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