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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

And yet, the M3 is still in production. Why do you suppose that is miro? Tell me, how many 2009 Yugo were sold here?

A 1990 Corvette could buy alot of Yugos as well. As could a 1990 911. A Rolls Royce silver spur. Bently. Lamborghini Diablo. Lincoln. In 1990, good used cars were worth more than a new Yugo.

Today, those cars, used, are worth far, far, more, than a Yugo.

And at least you can stop any of them on a bridge and not get blown off it by high wind.

Poor guy, One of his fans refuses to use his juice. No one else here is either. His precious Yugo is the joke of the auto industry. His, and his minions, knowledge of auto engineering is laughable.

Oh, I forgot. As I pointed out in another thread, a used Yugo goes for $10. So tell me miro, just where can I buy this $5 M3? I want to buy a few.

NATO did the world a huge favor when they bombed the factory.
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