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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

His disciple kirk's own links have stated using the wrong viscosity oil is bad.

This synlube, which VOAs have shown to not even be its advertised weight, is not on BMW's list. Or VW, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Mercedes, GM, Ferarri, Chrysler, Honda, Holden, Jaguar, etc...

Even selling that liquid garbage at $32per, he couldn't afford the testing fees.

It isn't even on API's list.

I see he *still* fails to prove his allegations

I asked some bimmer guys about his comments:

"it's unreadable so I stopped after the first few sentences."

And the next comment:

"As are a lot of Internet diatribes. Seems that grammar and spelling are becoming a lost art. If the poster cannot construct a sentence and at least come close to properly spelling a word (nobody's perfect, so I make some allowances here, like seeing what keys on the keyboard are immediately next to the correct letter) then I don't put much faith in what they are writing about."

Let's see if my fans have the guts to go here: and tell them all that they're wrong.

Oh who am I kidding.... All three will get laughed off.
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