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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Originally posted by BLK98MK8LSC:
Regulations on VOC emissions here have made crankcase ventilation systems very effective moisture traps. CAFE standards are pushing manufacturers to spec lighter oils than they would otherwise use,even if only slightly. Non of these are deal breakers when all you have to do is change your oil to fix it. Forcing 100000 mile catalytic converter life at the expense of safe reliable engine wear protection and sabotaging older engines with mechanical valve trains is a piss poor use of government power,however well intentioned. The engineering responses to regulation are as varied as can be,some are successful,some not. BMW is not immune to this. The crank case ventilation system on some models can fail in very cold weather and suck all the crankcase oil into the intake manifold and cause engine destruction. Not the oils fault unless you count water trapped in it. When the water freezes the valve fails. These may be the failures your referring to.

All of the reasons stated is why it is ever more important to use the absolute best synthetics available,with the lowest Noack VOLATILITY SYNLUBE!

Many of the lubes,group III included,are still much to volatile.... almost 15%,and they simply burn off too much!

When these low quality lubes vaporize,not all of the vapors are burned off in the engine,like some would believe.

A portion of the vapors will precipitate out,especially when the engine is shut off,basically fogging the inside of the engine/emission components with oil and moisture,causing a sort of 'milkshake',that eventually chokes the engine to death in many cases!

This condition of 'fogging' occurs worse during the very hot summer seasons that cook off even more of the volatile oils into vapors,followed with fogging down a nice layer of oil,that the colder/damper winters eventually finish off with added moisture....creating the deadly milkshake syndrome,and then eventual engine death in some cases!

The engine,and emission systems are all clogged up and can't breathe,creating a vicious cycle that kills the engine!

NO AMOUNT OF 'ENGINE-FLUSHES' will fix.... the now clogged up emission ventilation system,the damage is done,and oil system flushes will not effect that system!!

By using a very low volatile,and high quality synthetic oil,this deadly cycle will never begin in the first place!

Remember,most of the sludge monsters(sludge lawsuits) occurred in the Northern,colder states.

Cars will also have sludge/varnish/coking,etc, in hot climates,so high quality synthetic is needed for sure in the heat!
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