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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Correction none of us have a problem with "it" as we do not own BMW, and nor do 82% of people who drive them, they know better they just LEASE BMW and the next one and next one.... NO worries NO concerns NO problems just making the $600 to $900 a month payments FOREVER……..

The few BMW "owners that get stuck with the second hand cars are those I truly feel sorry for!!!

Have you ever seen any BMW owner on any thread with one or two year car being concerned about anything? NO

They get FREE maintenance and then they just get another one 3 years later - that is the TRUE BMW ownership profile - and those guys and few women could not care less about jet sprays or oil consumption or anything else.

Still 5,000 or even 3,000 miles to a quart when the "typical" BMW is only serviced every 16,500 miles (national average according to BMW themselves) that may be bit too close to comfort on engine with 4.2 Liters of oil (well few have 7) - by simple math there is almost NO oil when the service indicator is on.

And some women do not think they need service until the RED OIL light is ON.

I actually know of one that did just that - one think I have to give credit to MW engine design is that the car still runs - but may be that is what is eating the connecting rod bearings, rather than "strange" combination of contamination and less than acceptable tolerances - that show up 25,000 to 30,000 miles AFTER the car was driven.

Does not BMW check any tolerance when the build the engine?

May be it is just running LOW and OUT of oil that is the real problem, which they just do NOT want to admit to.

Personally I have never seen or heard of engine that would run just fine and then 20,000 + miles latter would fail due to "contamination" during assembly!!!

That is about as believable as spraying oil on top of the piston crown, but of course some people did just that!!!