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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Originally posted by ADFD1:

You can't blame the car if the owner is too stupid to pop the hood and pull a dipstick. Heck that would even go for a Yugo. But I would think an owner of a Yugo would be lower on the food chain, and lacking brain matter compared to a BMW owner. JMO


(JMO) -is just that,an opinion,AD....

Now for the facts,and not opinions..

Most Americans do not even pop the Hood of any car,let alone a high end European model.....that is a FACT!

Most of my neighbors for example,go to the dealer or lube shop, and let them, do'everything' their car needs,including wash,and/or wax the vehicle,and then trade for a new one in 3-5 years. They only know where the key goes....that's it!

My co-worker has a 10 year old lexus with a 100k,and he never pops the hood.....his mechanics do that for him.

The bottom are getting smarter,and people are getting dumber.

In the near future,instead of an 'idiot' light(good name) that comes on,a computerized voice will prompt the mindless driver, what and what not, to do. The cars are already half driving/parking for some as it is.

Hey Ad...the only dipstick now days that needs checking is the one behind the wheel.

Not only do cars need to be smart,but also the fluids,like oil. Gm shocks have a 'smart hydraulic fluid'. A true 'smart' car, does not burn Any oil at all.

Don't tell me that burning a quart of oil every 2-6k is normal.....are we in the 60's.

Eventually, the EPA will crack down on those antiquated oil-burning standards,and the car makers will be held to a higher standard.

If all cars burned Zero oil(like mine),they could have left the high zinc levels in the oil with no effect on the cat.

Instead, the idiots legislate the removal of Zinc to save the emission controls,but then ruin the engine into an oil burner, and ultimately pollute the environment clueless are they.