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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Originally posted by Buster:
They just can't accept the fact that very few want to use SynHype. Oil is relatively cheap and cars are lasting longer than most people want to keep them. Keep pushing that snakeoil! Wink


Cars are lasting only as long as people can afford to maintain them........and that is a major,major issue now days.



"Statistics have indicated that over 85% of breakdowns could have been prevented if proper maintenance was being performed."

Bottom line..........people can't afford,and/or don't know how to properly maintain their cars.

Also,cars are becoming in a sense,throw-away cars,once they are out of warranty. The repair bill on an old car could easily be a down payment on a new one.

This is called "cut your losses." A car that is starting to go down hill will eventually become a gargantuan money pit.
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