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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Originally posted by Miro Kefurt:
Recently (like few days ago) there was a news story about FORD Comet Caliente owned by this little old lady - that she claims she has driven over 500,000 miles.

She also apparently kept all the repair records and on the car that was but $2,500 and some change she spent reportedly $53,000 to keep running over the years.

Yet her claim to fame are lifetime warranties, so she keeps on getting FREE batteries, mufflers, brakes, etc.

But something NOT mentioned on the news story is that the 1965 FORDS had Gas Tank vented to the atmosphere, that is fumes would escape ALL THE TIME !!!

So this car in effect pollutes even when parked on a hot day as much as 2,750 new trucks would, or almost 14,200 PZEVS.

Now why should this old lady have the right to pollute the Air with Gasoline vapors ???
Something wrong with this picture !!!

Great Find...

The pollution gasoline issue is because she was born.... before Al Gore??