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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

WOW even better find Kirk !!!

So I kept on looking.....

But now I wonder why with so much honesty the invoices shown in Utube NBC and the ABC 2 story do not match in price ?

Why would someone bother to change the price and not even do a good job of erasing the previous one???

With that little discrepancy can you really trust that there are 500,000 more miles than the odo is not capable of showing ?

Or would 91 year Lady be less than honest ?

After all she only has driven 5K miles in a year, yet in another video she claims she is now driving the car MORE THAN EVER (like in every day) which she did not do when she was young and at home MOM.

Based on her "own" testimony the car should actually have 230,000 miles, or less !!!

The two claimed odo readings are 57,000 and 62,000 just about one year apart.

Ask any psychologist how would they read this statement:

"Well, she's never lied to me. She's never cheated on me," Veitch gushes. "And I can always depend on her. And that's the truth."

PS: I always probe below the surface on any sensational story,just my normal curiosity ....

4K average in last 17 years !!!

My husband traded in 1958 Lincoln for it

And then in 2009 in just 6 weeks the car gained 17,000 miles (from 540,000 to 557,000)

So what gives ???

July 12, 2010 East at Carlisle, PA 554,000 miles

July 14, 2010 Wauwatosa, WI 563,000 miles

July 15, 2010 She already has in her "book" page printed that proclaims 600,000 miles !!!

WOW she is an operator in a warp speed !!! (Could she be related to Trajan ???)

Well she wants to be on Jay Leno and see his collection of 120 cars, but she muct have started planning that the day Leno went on the air.......
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