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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Originally posted by ADFD1:
He does have that right, he also has the right to leave here. My best guess is he'll piss and moan and stay right here. Typical!!!!!!!

Turst me any man in uniform would love to put the gloves on with him after reading this and teach him some respect. The only problem is we'd be in a world of S*.*t for it.


Oh I know. And if I saw it happen, I'd deny it to the MPs/SP, whoever. The best we can do is excersize our right to say just how much of a spineless, insufferable, scam artist he is.

And if his two minions stand aside and let him, then, then we'll know their caliber too.

All this nonsense because we don't buy into synlube/yugo hogwash like the others.....